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Offering the best in OCR, PDF Compression, and Forms Processing, CVISION Technologies, Inc. provides solutions for companies looking to efficiently manage their documents. As the world leader in image compression, OCR, image recognition, and PDF workflow solutions, CVISION creates software solutions that are used by thousands of corporate clients. Our products to compress PDF documents, OCR PDF files, and automate the processing of EOBs, invoices, and handwritten documents are the best tools available on the market. CVISION provides business focused solutions for document capture

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Solutions Offered

Product & Services Offered

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Locate text reliably within image documents using highly accurate optical character recognition (OCR).

File Compression

Produce files more efficient to access, transmit, and store with dramatic file compression.

Automated Invoice processing

Reduce accounts payable costs by automatically extracting invoice data.

Conversion to PDF

Convert all files into PDFs for universal viewing.

Automated Forms processing

Reduce data entry costs by automatically extracting field data from forms.

Digital Mailroom

Improve office efficiency while reducing costs by automatically routing documents.

Handwriting Recognition

Reduce data entry costs by automatically recognizing handwriting field data.

PDF/A Compliance for Archiving

Preserve documents for long-term archival by converting documents into PDF/A.

Automated EOB processing

Reduce costs associated with EOB processing through automated data extraction.